Friday, 13 July 2018

Riddles in English

Riddles in English: 

These are the awesome riddles to answers and with answers in English and this riddles will generate fun to share with your friends for every question answer is given below.

there are lot of good riddles to answer in the further posts we need your feedback to post more funny riddles that can be shared with your friends.The main reason to give this riddles in English especially is to reach the global audience so that you may try to answer this riddles making your brain shard and this riddles are not only for your friends but always designed for kids to answers who are going to school.

These are different genres of riddles in English

1)Funny Riddles to Laugh

2)Math Riddles in English to solve

3)Tricky Riddles to Solve 

4)Brain Teasers and Riddles with answers

5)Hard Riddles along with their answers.

Answer for the above riddle :  Brain is the only organ which named it self.

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